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The following section provides helpful answers to common questions.

What is your educational background?

A comprehensive financial advisor should have an advanced education in financial planning topics such as investments, taxes, insurance, or estate planning in addition to a college degree. Many advisors who originally received degrees in other, unrelated disciplines have gone on to become highly effective financial planners. If you prefer to work with someone with an extensive background in finance, for example, you should examine this answer thoroughly to make sure s/he has the educational background you desire.

Mr. Regan has a BBA in Accounting from Temple University and an MBA in Finance also from Temple University.

Mrs. Cooksey has a BA in History from the University of Texas at Austin and a J.D. from the Texas Tech University School of Law.


How are you compensated?

Like other professionals that you count on (CPAs, attorneys, physicians), we are compensated with fees for our knowledge that will help you achieve your financial goals. Because you pay us with a fee, we have no conflicts of interest that impact our advice or services.


What is your fee for an initial consultation?

Initial consultation is free.


What are your methods for compensation?

Fees vary by service area:

Investment services: Asset-based fee

Planning services: Only offered to clients with assets of $500,000 or greater.

Project Services: Fixed fee


What is your minimum asset requirement?



Do you sell Insurance?

No, we do not sell Insurance products. We do, however, have the expertise to analyze insurance products and integrate sophisticated risk management strategies into your financial plan.


Do you provide Full-Disclosure?

I agree to provide full disclosure to all investors who hire me. The disclosures include: Potential conflicts of interest, compensation, and investment expenses.


What is your background?

Our Registered Investment Advisory firm and acknowledgement that we are fiduciaries means we are held to the highest ethical standards in the financial services industry. A history of no client complaints proves you can trust our team.

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Peter Regan CFP ®, NAPFA-RA, CLU ©, MBA
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Keys to Success

Keys to Success

Set Measurable Goals

Understand the Effect Your Financial Decisions Have On Other Issues

Re-evaluate Your Financial Plan Periodically

Start Now

Be Realistic

Take an Active Role

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Peter Regan is a Certified Financial Planner
Pete Regan is a Registered Financial Advisor
Peter Regan is a Paladin Registry Five Star Advisor
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